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PostSubject: MUST READ!! RULEBOOK   MUST READ!! RULEBOOK I_icon_minitimeMon May 24, 2010 9:52 am

these rules MUST be follwed!

Game Play Rules
- Call “out” even when in doubt.
- If someone calls you as hit you cannot argue you must take the hit
- Dead Don’t talk. ("out" Players are not to reveal information to “alive” players at all!)
- "Out" players are to raise kill rag (bright colored fabric) or hold up hands. Dead players must leave playing area so not to confuse who is still playing.
- No blind fire at all! (must be able to see where shots hit from behind your sights.) If you are caught doing this, you will be asked to sit out for the rest of that current game.
- Head shots are allowed but try to avoid them at all costs.(no headshots from guns that exceed 1.49 joule limit). Players that act irresponsibly (multiple headshots, horseplay etc) will be given a warning or asked to not use that gun for the rest of the day.
- 10ft Mercy rule-do not fire at someone who is less than 10ft away-say "MERCY" or something like it and player will either raise their hands in surrender or if they don't you may open fire.
- Keep swearing and rude talk to an appropriate level
- Gun Hits DO count If gun is hit you have to go to your sidearm or just throw BBs and snowballs.
- If you see any players not following any of the stated rules please let them know right away. if they fail to listen after being told 1 more time they will be asked you leave the field and game for the rest of the event-
- Cheaters will NOT be tolerated and will be asked to leave if they repeat an offense

Easy Co.

My give a shit is broken so quit whining and play the game!
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